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Machine removal

Advanced concepts for
industrial plant removal.

Professional dismantling of machines and plant components, transportation and relocation for reutilization

Are you opening a new company site and need to relocate equipment and systems? Or is your entire company relocating, including production? And who is taking care of the move?

You can use a conventional moving company for the office furniture and files, and as for your employees, they can take a different bus or drive a new route to work – but what will happen with your extensive and highly engineered industrial systems?

Stuckenberger is your competent partner for everything related to machine removal. Our trusted all-inclusive service offers you diligent planning, dismantling, removal and professional relocation of your equipment and machinery to a new location, be it in Germany, in the DACH (Germany/Austria/Switzerland) region or elsewhere.

The dismantling, removal and transportation of machines and entire production systems calls for experience, trained personnel and comprehensive technical equipment. We undertake the dismantling, transport and re-installation of your machines and production systems – and you receive a comprehensive services package from a single source.

From planning to recommissioning of your machines and systems of all types – naturally following extensive functional testing – we offer a comprehensive services spectrum.

Stuckenberger machine removal includes:

  • Complete dismantling and reinstallation of machines and production systems of all types
  • Transport logistics for relocation (within Germany and worldwide)
  • Machine relocations and removals including identification/labeling, dismantling, packaging and transport Reassembly at new site and connection to all supply systems
  • Preparatory measures at the production site, such as drilling of machine foundations (as per individual specifications)
  • Preparatory measures on machines, e.g. pumping out/disposal of fluids and lubricants

Dismantling of a production line and subsequent reassembly

Removal of material using a building crane

Removal of material in restricted spaces

Machine removal